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Re: Chapter 7 - will an auto lender offer a reaffirmation agreement if you are 2-3 payments past due

How long have you been paying on the WF loan?  My car loan is through them. I was behind a payment or 2.  I can't remember.  I filed C7 in July and told my attorney I did not want to reaffirm.  It took me a few weeks to decide that, but he didn't tell me that he received anything from them. 


I wouldn't make any payments.  Put that money up.  I hope someone else chimes in, though.


I still have my car, they didn't apply to have the stay lifted.  I think you keep the car until discharge and then you make arrangements to give them the car back.  I want to say it's within 10 days.  I actually called my attorney today and asked about this, so when I hear back, I'll let you know!

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