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Re: IIB / authorized user

Sorry, I don't have an answer but have the same question. My BK7 is about to discharge. I have two accounts still showing, both of which I never had cards for and never used; an ex (very ex ex) put me on them years and years ago. 


The Cap 1 card has a $20k limit and he has $15k charged on it. So it has a high utilization rate but is a 15 year old account. They have me listed as an AU. He called to get me removed but as far as I know they still have me on there (I'll get another report after the discharge, to make sure). I hate to be financially entangled with him on this. But Cap 1 was going to be the first card I tried to apply for, post BK, and I'm not sure if it would help or hurt to get myself removed right now. 


The Chase card told him they wouldn't remove me as AU because they say *I* am the primary and HE is the AU. On my credit report they have the account listed as IIB, which it wasn't, as it was never my account. I've searched these boards and it seems like my only option, if they won't remove me, is to leave a message disputing it. But apparently that message will stay on my report for 10 years, perhaps after both the BK and the Chase account itself have fallen off. Maybe it's not worth it. 


Any advice would be appreciated.