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Re: Chp 13 Discharge Process

Rhaeny wrote:

luvmeirahbug wrote:

*Update* I heard from my lawyer.  I'm not sure if this is a YMMV situation or not. I was told that the process will go as follows for me--

Trustee's office will audit the case, contact creditors to make sure the balances paid match trustee records.  Lastly, they would send some paperwork to my lawyer's office for me to sign.  Lawyer sends these documents back to the trustee and discharge papers would be finalized.  Process should be finished by next month. 

Yep that is just the way mine went as well.

I was so worried because of all the nightmare stories I've heard about Chapter 13.  This is a nervewrecking process to endure for 3-5 yrs.  I'm just glad my time is coming to an end and the leash of the trustee will be off my neck.   

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