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Re: Chp 13 Discharge Process

Rhaeny wrote:

Pacer. gov


That is where you can check all of the filings of your case.  You set up an account and yes it asks for a CC to charge you.  BUT....the allow you so much free and in the 5 years I had my 13, I think I got one bill for 10 bucks.  Each page you look at is like .10 cents or whatever.  


I login to see what if anything is going on with my case.  What I do is click the button that says status first and look at that date to see when the last filing was.  If there was nothing recent from the last time I logged in then I don't bother looking anymore.  Remember each document is at least 5 or 10 cents.  


MANY and I mean MANY people have seen their discharge on the site before they even received it in the mail.  It has been very handy for me in keeping up with what was going on with my case.

I had no idea I could do that!! I'm going to sign up!  Thanks Rhaeny!

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