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Re: Chp 13 Discharge Process

Hi luvmeirahbug, I hope to be getting my discharge letter soon. My last payments were sent out by my trustee 1 Sep 12, so as of that date, my balance due was $0.00. My attorney and trustee told me that I have to keep making my monthly payments until I receive my letter. I waited until the last minute to send in the Sep payment, which I mailed last week. As of right now I have a balance on hand of $1300, which I will get back, but I really don't have an extra $465 per month for the next however long it takes them to close out my account. Frustrating. The trustee in Ohio said 3-4 months. One of my freinds said to consider it a Christmas club and cross my fingers I get it back before the end of the year. I hate waiting....