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Re: Credit Cards and BK

granny031350 wrote:
OK, I would open up another account at another credit union asap. Credit unions are nasty nasty in BK. Then I would get your self situated. Your priorities are paying your mortgage, your vehicles, and your utilities, insurance, and food etc. Let everything else go. No more cc payments, no more Explorer payments. But do all of this AFTER you open up a new account at another credit union. Then wait it out. Get caller ID and don't answer the phone unless forced. The credit union will call incessantly as will your cc's. Better yet, unplug your phone. If you have cells, use those for private use. LOL Then file in 6 months.


certain actions takes time. forget the cc payments for now. worse that can happen is they report your to collections, your credit goes bad, which it will anyway after the bk, and worse they can do is sue you...BUT...all these takes time. in SOME cases, years. and even if they file a lawsuit, this too will take time, and once u file for bk, there will be an IMMEDIATE STAY, which will nullify those lawsuits.

if your true intention is to get out of debt and start a fresh debt free life, and you honestly just want a fresh start with your family, then take care of your basic needs, as granny, clothing, shelter, transportation.

all things takes time to be in lawsuits and collections. read up on your rights, as to how to stop harrassing phone calls should they start coming. i'll be honest with you, the next months will not be easy,.....but if things go right, that discharge letter will be the best thing you've seen in a while.