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Trying to recover

We filed chapter 13 9/07, should have been discharged 2/11 but our attorney passed so with everything given to a new one it wasn't discharged till 9/11.  We were not educated to look for things on the credit report after the bankruptcy so until we pulled it.  Medical collectors had been reporting the entire time throughout our bankruptcy, I did call them and advise them and they did take all their info completely off our credit reports.  But another apparently sold to another bank, so the original says charged off while the new bank says included in bankruptcy.  I was current on this particular bill right up till the filing.  They said they had to report it they had a name change in the banks so that's why its on my report twice, they both have pretty much the same info and they keep updated their account on my report.  Even though they had a name change for their bank or sold it, I don't know which, can the one say charged off?  Isn't that hurting me instead of it as well saying included in bankruptcy.  I feel like it's taking forever for us to get the credit scores up and we want to buy a house.