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Re: UPDATE ON THIS!!!: NCO FINANCIAL SYSTEMS accounts INCLUDED in a 2003 Bankruptcy

Sorry for bumping an old topic, but can you please elaborate on how you were able to get it removed?  I have a similar situation right now.  This CA has picked up a debt that was included in BK in 2006 and they reported it as being opened in 2010 and now are calling me about it.  I called Verizon and verified that it was included in BK and right now I'm waiting on my BK lawyer to get me a copy of the BK so I can have it in writing.  His secretary said she would have to download it at .10 a page, I said no problem, go for it!  So hopefully I'll get that today.  


I disputed with the CRAs already and included the BK info and #.  I'm sure this is dragging my score down greatly since they just started reporting it this year and said it was from 2010, when in reality its already nearly 6 years old.


I'd appreciate any insight on what I should do to force them to remove it.