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Re: UPDATE ON THIS!!!: NCO FINANCIAL SYSTEMS accounts INCLUDED in a 2003 Bankruptcy

diabla wrote:

Sorry for bumping an old topic, but can you please elaborate on how you were able to get it removed?  I have a similar situation right now.  This CA has picked up a debt that was included in BK in 2006 and they reported it as being opened in 2010 and now are calling me about it.  I called Verizon and verified that it was included in BK and right now I'm waiting on my BK lawyer to get me a copy of the BK so I can have it in writing.  His secretary said she would have to download it at .10 a page, I said no problem, go for it!  So hopefully I'll get that today.  


I disputed with the CRAs already and included the BK info and #.  I'm sure this is dragging my score down greatly since they just started reporting it this year and said it was from 2010, when in reality its already nearly 6 years old.


I'd appreciate any insight on what I should do to force them to remove it.

While the thread is 3 years old, OP was last on in this June. It'll be a long shot if they see this.

If you disputed without the BK docs, then I'd wait until the dispute concludes before considering any options. Maybe the CRA will see the BK and put two and two together.


Which field was showing the 2010 date? Was it the open date or DOLA? If so, that's normal. It refers to when the CA took over and DOLA can change with anything, like a payment, dispute, etc. I wouldn't worry about the date. I would worry about the TL though. I'm not knowledgable on BK rules, but I suspect if it was included they shouldn't be reporting.