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Re: UPDATE ON THIS!!!: NCO FINANCIAL SYSTEMS accounts INCLUDED in a 2003 Bankruptcy

I would dispute with the credit reporting agency and then send in the BK forms to back it up.  The only have a number of days to remove this item which isn't accurate. I found all the info I needed on how to do this with FICO forums. I typed  the basic search words like  NCO removal and saw what popped up.   Also the CA doesn't care if it was included in the BK if they think they can get you to pay it again. That is why you must have the paperwork to prove it was already included in the BK and that they are providing false info basically trying to re-start the collection as if it was new. It isn't.  I had so much help through the fico forums I felt fully prepared on how to deal with the pesky CA and NOW amazingly all of my scores are over the 700's and I am able to get credit almost anywhere. IT is always worth your effort to get your credit report corrected!!!! Good Luck! Hope it all works out for you!