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Re: UPDATE ON THIS!!!: NCO FINANCIAL SYSTEMS accounts INCLUDED in a 2003 Bankruptcy

I have also heard that cra are being held more responsible for the info that is put into a consumers credit report?  Hope fully you will get this info updated accurately. I check my credit report faithfully just because I have worked so hard on taking care of my credit . Since my BK in 2003 I have made very single payment ON TIME, that is over 400 payments on time.  I have followed all the basic rules about not maxing out my credit paying most of the stuff off and of course paying on time. It has helped my credit so much.  The FICO forums really are a wealth of info.  You can read about what others have done to improve their Fico scores and apply what has been proven to work.  So very thankful I had the FICO forums to read and glean the knowledge  to utilize while raising my scores.  I am nearly debt free and want to stay that way!