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Re: Filed for Chpt 7 awaiting discharge

happyc01 wrote:

So I bit the bullet and filed chapter 7 Aug 8 2012...   I had my meeting of the creditors Sept 12th... I am so excited because I know I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I applied for Captial One Platinum and was approved for $300.


I applied for credit one and was declined. Dont want to keep applying. Im giving back the car after the discharge is sent. Gonna go to auction and buy a car. Would like to have 2 credit cards but what would you guys advise.


Looking forward to the adviseSmiley Happy

I had only one credit card for almost three years post bk. It was also a capital one. It worked fine for me and I was able to get other cards fairly easily after that point. At the bare minimum, I recommend using your capital one for at least six months, building some history and applying for another card. Your local credit union is almost always a great place to look.

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