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Re: Finding out when a collection agency bought a bad debt?
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Ah, thank you!  I learn something new every day on here!


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Re: Finding out when a collection agency bought a bad debt?

I was told the same thing by HSBC last week! I filed bankruptcy in April 2011 and noticed HSBC was reporting my account as bad and in collections. they put it was sold to Calvary. I called the collection agency and they told me it was sent back Hsbc, due to they could not collect on a item included in bankruptcy. I never got anything from collection agency nor did they ever report anything to credit report agency's.  I called HSBC and they tried to give me the run around.  they actually tried to tell me the account was charged off a month before my bankruptcy was filed and I still owed.  I called my bankruptcy lawyer and he told me regardless of when they sold the account the original opener of the account is listed whether it was charged off or sold, that legally no one can come after me for the discharged debt. I called HSBC and they apologized to me and stated they would fix it after me letting them know they are violating the law by reporting me incorrectly. I am waiting for it to clear off my credit report. That should give me a great amount of increase in score Smiley Happy

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