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Anxiously awaiting Discharge

I had my 341 meeting on 8/16/2012.  It went off without a hitch. Smiley Happy  I was scared to death after reading some of the horror stories about the Trustees.  Mine was quite witty & joked about if my cat knew he was listed on my Schedule B with a dollar value of $1.  I told him “…shhh, I don’t want my cat to stray.”  LOL  Anyway, every morning I call the court line and no discharge yet.  Smiley Frustrated How long was it before you received your discharge in Illinois?

Starting Score: EQ 470 EX ?? TR 584 Chapter 7 filed 06/18/12 Trustee Mtg 08/16/12 Discharged 10/16/12
Current Score: EQ 470 EX ?? TR 501
1st Goal Score: 650 Across the Board

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