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Re: UPDATE ON THIS!!!: NCO FINANCIAL SYSTEMS accounts INCLUDED in a 2003 Bankruptcy
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Thanks both of you.  Yes, I got the papers from my BK atty and it does show the account listed and it was a Ch. 7 discharge.  It was a cell phone so it is listed under contracts, not in the schedule, but the atty said that does not matter..  I also confirmed with the OC that there is a note in my old account about it going to BK, but that's all she could tell me.  My BK papers do not show the account number, however, its the only account I've ever had with this cell phone company.


I have an appt with my atty next week to have him draft a letter, but if you guys think I should just contact the CRA and send them a copy of that single page from my BK? Would that be enough?  I thought I should let my atty contact the CA and have them delete it, don't know which would be most effective and FASTEST.  Either way, I'm very happy to learn that I was correct and this should not be there!  It's for over $1200 so it will be awesome to get it removed!


ETA: It does appear on Schedule G: Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases, and it has the date and time of filing on the bottom of the page.