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Re: Help please

octavia wrote:
I have a Bk Ch.13 that is should have dropped off my CR in 9/2007.  Do I dispute this with CR to get it removed? Should I do this online or in writting CMRRR?

If you filed BK13 in 9/2000, then they tend to drop after 7 years. However, under law, BKs (7 or 13) can report for up to 10 years.
The CRAs tend to report BK7s for 10 years from discharge date and tend to report BK13s for 7 years from the filing date. This is their policy of encouraging people to go 13 rather than 7.
If it's beyond 10 years, they cannot report it. Period. You can be firm with them and call, fax, dispute online or dispute via CMRRR.
If it's beyond 7 but within 10, they might delete it if you disputed. I'd try a softer approach and dispute or via fax.