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Reposting here, Auto Loan after 2006 IIB Dates/Payment History



I delcared BK June 2006 and one of my items, a Auto Loan with TruWest was covered but I continued to make payments until I traded it in (my new loan is actually with this TruWest too).  However on my Experian Report is it showing all my payments that I made (being ontime) until September 2010.  Also the "Date of Status" is July 2012 and under the payment history there is a section entitled, Account History: "with the status of "Debt included in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on July 13, 2012


My other three items under BK have no updated information *at all* since "June/Sept 2006".  It seems that this acount is killing my score and TruWest is standing by their information they are reporting.  Should this account also be frozen in time since June/Sept 2006 too?


I find it somewhat unfair that on a loan that I was never late on, continued to pay until it was paid off (by a trade-in) after my BK that this is seen as a very current negative account.  All I get is, talk to the other guy, information is correct.  Everytime I try to have it update back to 2006, it seems the current dates/status just gets set to be more current.