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Re: Reposting here, Auto Loan after 2006 IIB Dates/Payment History
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Follow up, the time line on my IIB Auto Loan was:


1. Made Payments until Sept 2010 (never late mind you) after my 2006 BK

2. Traded car in, new loan BOA (which paid off IIB Auto Loan above with TruWest)

3. Refinanced with TruWest (they are a good credit union) for a much better rate a few months after the BOA loan.


A few weeks back tried to get a Visa with TruWes Credit Union (not only do I have a Auto Loan I also have a Siginture Loan with them).  When I applied they pulled my Experian report (they use that one for Visa) and said my score was like 610 - the other two CRA have me 710~715 or so.  So I pulled my report and found my old TruWest IIB Loan appear to be showing status dates of 7/2012 and payments up till Sept 2010.


TruWest has flat out told me on the phone they report payments, regardless of IIB.  I make a payment, the send a update to CRA - thats how it works.  So there appears to be no confusion between my old loan and my current loan.


I do not dispute this loan was in IIB, I am just disputing the dates and the history of payments after IIB - which seems to have made my BK appear newer than what it is.