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Credit Union Issues...

My question is this:   Ive heard so much on these boards and other places about how credit unions are the way to go. And ive always been a believer in them as well.  Ive been with my current CU for 3 years and have never had a loan with them so they were never included in my ch7. Additionally i maintain around $1000 in savings and have never come close to a zero balance in checking. I went to see about a possible refi on my car and the loan officer informed me that they couldnt do a loan of ANY kind until 5years post BK. Is that the norm and to be expected? Or is this more of an odd case and I should shop for a different CU? NFCU is out since they were IIB all over one shady CSR. Im also in Alabama so im nowhere close to a Penfed that im aware of.


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