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Re: Fair Credit Reporting Act

The creditor's reporting is frozen as of filing.  If it wasn't charged off then they can't change the reporting, or show a status date later than the BK discharge.  Credit reporting is collection activity in violation of the permanent stay.


It's a little less clear to me what the status of the inquiries is.  They are no longer a creditor because of your discharge, so what is their (alleged) permissible purpose?  Even if you still owed them these should be accounts management (soft) inquiries not hard inquiries.  But I'm not sure how you can force the CRAs to fix this, but I would definitely NOT do an online dispute.  A written dispute CMRRR might get more attention, although they hate to deal with removalk of inquiries.


My BK lawyer was willing to advise on situations like this at no charge, and if cause for a suit arose sue the creditor on a contingent fee basis.  Did you have a BK attorney and what do they say?

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