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Re: Fair Credit Reporting Act

Thank you for the response.  One of my credit card companies changed the reporting to a Charge Off in the month I filed for bankruptcy that is May of 2010; however, they just changed it last month.  I am sending a written dispute to Experian showing that they did not report this previously and should not be able to change it this year, even though they are trying to show it in May of 2010.  Not really sure if it will make an impact on my credit report but my payments were never late prior to filing bankruptcy so they would not literally be charging off the debt.


With regards to the creditor pulling my credit report, they are hard hits and they are posted from the Collections Dept.  Yes, I know they cannot collect from me and I agree they are not permissible pulls.  I wrote them a letter and sent it certified mail indicating this and telling them they have 21 days to remove the inquiries from my credit report or I will file a civil suit.  I did this on my own and I did have a bankruptcy attorney so I guess I will follow up with him if they do not follow through.  They made my score drop 37 points.  I get a credit report and score every month and this was the only thing that had changed since the prior month.  I am also going to write a dispute to Experian to see if they can do anything as well.


Wish me luck!