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Re: Journey through Chapter 13

Congratulations on your discharge, Poorboi. Ours is a long ways away but the first half-year went by quickly so maybe the rest will zoom by too.


Hello and welcome 2Ds2Cs. Are you filing/have you filed Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? With our chapter 13, we used an attorney and his office was able to provide us with all the numbers that were reasonable for the budget for a family of our size and circumstances. We proposed numbers. They helped us work some budget areas up and some down based on what would really work for us and what the court would deem reasonable. I was really worried about our budget for cell phones based on other people's posts here but it wasn't a problem. 


Well, it is time for an update. Here is the good news: our bankruptcy was confirmed Sept. 20th so it took about 5 months. (We filed April 30th.) But the bad news is, and if you have read through this thread you know we were worried about it, that DH was fired last week because we included a credit card account in our bankruptcy that the bank he worked for owned. Our attorney had told us in no uncertain terms that it needed to be included and we shouldn't make payments to them on the side because that would be showing preferential treatment to one of our creditors. We followed his advice and this is where we are at now. He assures us that it was illegal for DH's employer to fire him because of this and we may sue them. But, in the meantime, DH is unemployed and we are not sure yet if he will receive unemployment income. It's a huge mess. So, I am not sure what I would recommend to anyone in our shoes. DH alternates between anger at his employer and frustration that we didn't make payments to them on the side. I feel like we were in a no-win situation. I would appreciate any words of wisdom or encouragement. Since DH was commuting an hour each way, we are hopeful that now he can find something closer to home but we live in a small city. It may take a while.


If we receive unemployment income, then we will still be able to make our BK payments and just live a bit leaner, which is okay. We have been living pretty lean for a long time already. But if his unemployent claim is denied, we are really up a creek unless he can find something that pays decently quickly. We should know about the claim in a couple weeks.


Has anyone else faced unemployment during a Chapter 13? 

Filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy 04/12 after two and a half years in a DMP. So wish we would have done the BK sooner. Live and learn!