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Question about procedure and baddies
So I have a discharged ch7 this year. Chase bank had previously sold my debt log before filling. I still listed them plus the CA in my schedule 7, and next to them in the comment it says "correspondence re bankruptcy". Well looking at my credit reports I see that chase is still listing as a charge off bad debt. I recently disputed this with EQ thinking it'd be an easy fix. Wrong. The CRA came back saying Chase verified with them the reporting is correct. That was an online dispute. Are they correct? I thought even if it was in collection the original creditor had to list it as IIB? These two chase accounts are the only "baddies" left on my report after discharge and I feel like they are having a major ding in my scores. Do I have a legit reason to dispute again by mail with my BK papers sent to the CRA? I'd try chase but I have seen on here how horrible they are with people. So do I have a shot or am I stuck waiting for it to fall off?
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