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DonMzBhavin wrote:

Congrats!! I did the very same thing. PACER was awesome and it only charges quarterly and if its less than $10 (i think) in the pages you have accessed its no charge. You know that after the expiration date for the creditors technically according to the courts there is a 10 day grace period for creditors to still file..but after that if your discharge has not posted you can call the courts and the clerk can discharge you immediately!!! That is what I did..


Question for you though. I filed in May starting scores were right around yours. I discharged in August on 16th. Got a new car, CAP 1 credit card, LB credit card and NYandcompany credit card, your scores are 30-40 points higher than mine. What did you do for such a significant jump

I got a jump when my hubby added me as an AU on his Cap1 card.  He wants me to apply there...I'm nervous because I included a few of their cards in my bk....I hate seeing "declined."  I'm going to try though! 

BK Filed 7/1/12 --- EX: 494 EQ: 505 TU: 505
10/12 EX: 599 EQ: 599 TU: 599

BK Discharge 10/23/12
Cap1 $3000 (AU) / NFCU Visa $500

GOAL #1: 660