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Re: Should I ask for this to be changed?

Bumping for others on the lates, since I'm virtually clueless on BKs, but I think the lates can remain up to the point of the BK. Let's say for a sec they can't be there. How old is the newest late? At the 7-yr mark from the date of that late, they have to drop anyway. Let's say they have to delete. Maybe your CR will look better in its own very soon anyway.


These accounts are factoring into AAoA, for good or bad. You'll have to weigh your AAoA in relation to the age of each of these accounts. If these accounts are older than your AAoA, then there's a risk of losing points if deleted. If these are your oldest accounts and/or the oldest within a given category (e.g. oldest revolving, oldest installment, etc.), then removing them could result in a score drop. Combine the age and you'll have to make a mental determination as to whether the age helps more than the lates hurt. If you go after the lates the credit could wind up deleting and you need to keep that in the back of your mind.