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Re: Anyone seen this link from Yahoo

WOW,  Thank God for this forum, you guys are amaziing and give me some faith and hope moving forward. As I am in my middle 30's with a small child and did not want to have to hardships years down the road.  Medical bills killed me and even had the government coming after to me since I went to an Army hopsital after my trauma. They were going to garnish my wages so Chapter 7 is what i filed this week.


I am curent on my house and car and I am reaffirming them. Also I have credit that has $0 balance so I am hoping they do no close those accounts. With that said and listening to what you guys have to say, looks like as long as I stay responsible and move forward with a good outlook. I am so very happy to have found this page and hope many other people in my situation come across it to aid them and give them some confidence in their decisisons.


Thanks again

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