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Re: Neg credit items fall off bk date filed or date closed/resolved

I've asked this question as well, as my 7 year anniversary of my BK filing is here and as I understand it is actually 7 years from the filing (earlier) date not discharge (later) date. That's a good thing for us BK filers! I plan to get my FICO reports in the next week or two so I'll confirm but when I got my "free annual" Experian report in June, under the "status details" on these BK included accounts it actually says "This account is scheduled to continue on record until October 2012" which is 7 years from my filing.


The BIGGER question is how this effects aka what kind of bump it has when these accounts fall off? I've not been able to find that answer so I'll be the example! If all goes right since I've had perfect credit since my BK, when I pull my FICO reports the only negative that will show will be the BK. Not those other 10-12 accounts that were late or negative because of it.


From there I'll be counting down 3 long years until even the BK falls off. That will be a glorious day! I'll definitely celebrate it and treat myself to a nice dinner or something nice on my credit card of course! 

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