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Re: Fair Credit Reporting Act
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chasmith wrote:

The creditor's reporting is frozen as of filing.  If it wasn't charged off then they can't change the reporting, or show a status date later than the BK discharge.  Credit reporting is collection activity in violation of the permanent stay.


Hello, Are you sure it isn't the date of discharge. I can't seem to find any law, case law, or anything that states specifically that the creditors report is frozen date of filing. For that matter I can actually find anything law wise that says they can't report after discharge.


If you can point me to something that states the date of filing is when they can't report it would be awesome. I have 3 creditors that report 60, 90, CO between and the reporting starts the very month I filed. Annoyingly enough, These were creditors that I actually didn't stop paying until the very day I filed, Like an idiot I didn't keep the statements.


 *Edit, Acutally TU and EQ are reporting correctly, I just need some ammo to take on Experian.