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Any experience in my shoes?
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I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place--I looked for a similar thread and couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for.  How soon out of BK (or before discharge) did you apply for your first card?  What card was it, what was your limit, and if you know your score at the time, please share.  I'm thinking of app'ing for Cap One or Barclays Apple as soon as I receive my discharge.  I'm tired of waiting for my discharge (it's been two months already!) and I really have the itch to app and build!  I did the Cap one prequal about a month ago and it gave me the choice of the platinum card, the classic platinum or the cash rewards card.  I'm just wondering if app'ing now without my discharge will hurt my approval or the limit I receive.  Don't want to jeopardize my standing since I've read they don't give too many CLI's.  Also, are they sensitive about inq's?  I have several from auto shopping late last year that are still affecting my score.

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