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Re: Chp 13 Discharge Process

Sha80 wrote:

First off let me correct my errors I filed June of 2008. I made final payment February of 2012. Final payments were sent out May of 2012.

No one seemed to want to help because they view it as you placed yourself in the predicament. I called my trustee and got no where. Maybe if you contact the clerk of court directly, a little more insight may be given. 

*****Sooo an update******


Seems like you're telling my future Sha80.  Spoke with my lawyer's office this morning.  I was told that they hadn't heard anything either, but the only thing they (meaning me!!) can do is wait.  They kept trying to reassure me that my plan was completed, I just have not received my discharge.  :smileyfrustrated:  Duh!! Only the most important part!  I was told she'd contact the trustee (which she's usually pretty good about doing) and see what's going on.  This process is too long and drawn out.  If I have to wait more than 48hrs for an answer, I swear I'm calling myself!!


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