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ID Fraud Victim during Ch. 7

Hi.  I have a situation that I have not found answers to.  I filed for Ch. 7 in 7/2012 and it was DC'd about a week ago.  During the Ch. 7 BK process I found out I was a confirmed victim of ID Fraud from the IRS.  I followed various directions from the IRS, the FTC, and the Bureaus to put an initial fraud alert on my credit files - this alert is good for 90 days.  I am now contemplating doing a security freeze but I'm not really sure if I need it since a) everything was discharged & b) the only impact so far is from the IRS.


This is compounded by the fact that I want to start rebuilding my credit as I can.  I am wondering if I will miss out on options for cards, auto loans, etc. because of the current fraud alert or if I do a freeze.  Has anyone had this happen?  What was the outcome?


Given all of this - anyone have ideas on when I should apply for something & what card / lender I should go to?


Thank you.