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Re: ID Fraud Victim during Ch. 7



Is anything from the ID theft reporting on any of your 3 credit reports? For the IRS, is it a lien, or is that not reporting?


If the IRS confirmed ID theft, then at very least the thief has your SSN which can be used for credit apps, though it would be more difficult without your exact address, name, etc. If I had that, I would personally extend the FA for at least a couple of years. You can always remove it at a later date. I'd also subscribe to a credit monitoring service and pull each report monthly just to be safe. I'd also be on standby to file a police report for ID theft. I'd only do so if anything were to appear like an account that isn't yours. That police report will be instrumental in getting items removed, but it might be too early to do anything if nothing else is reporting.


If you opts for a FA, a freeze is unnecessary.


If I had to rebuild after a BK, I'd start with a secured CC from somewhere.