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capitol one auto loan

I was hoping anyone could help me on this..I have completed my chapter 13 on 11 15. 2012...nice finally.! I have a capitol one auto loan that was included in my bk.. and with a agreement to finish paying capitol one my remaining payments after my discharge..approx 6000 dollars..Now during the 5 year period, cap one has been reporting .. including in bk.. now my question is since i am paying the remaining payments.. how does capitol one list my acct.. it is not in bk anymore..but back to my original contract.. does the reporting agency have to list it as just a reg installment loan.. ? not included in bk? cause the acct is not in bk anymore after 11 15 2012.. anyone answer that for me..?and all the payments i made since my filing date. .not missing a one. does that now come up as current payments for the last five years? thanks.