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Re: Chapter 13 Final Payment

OhioChick wrote:

Here I am, still waiting.  My balance owed was officially $0 on Sept 1st, but I had to pay Sep and Oct payment due to what my trsutee told me.  My balance on hand is $1752.  I was hoping that I would get my letter and refund before Christmas, but it's not looking good.  I have money set aside to make my Nov payment if I don't get anything by 23 Nov.  I just don't understand why it takes so long and why I have to keep paying them if I have so much money in my account. :-(


Sorry, just had to whine.

No you are not whining at all.  What is going on is just nuts.  But I believe that there is some terminology mix up going on here.  First of all your discharge paper is what you will get once the audit is done and they determine that all of the payments to your creditors have cleared the bank and that no one objects (slim to none chance of this happening).  What you are waiting on is your notice of preparation for discharge.  In that letter it should state what the next steps are as well as the the termination of payments required.


If your trustee is anything like mine, if you sent in anything other than a money order for your last couple of payments, then they hold the payments for 30 days for clearing.  So lets say you made a payment by check on Oct 15th, well they are going to wait 30 days plus till the 1st of the following month to close your case out.  So the earliest that they can close your case based on that payment is Dec 1st.  If you sent a money order then they should be able to close it out on Nov 1st.


To give you an example of what happened with me.  I made a payment by check on August 15th (silly me).  I made the final payment by August 28th by money order but since I they were going to hold that August 15th payment for 30 days,  So they closed my case in 13datacenter on 9/16 but I didn't receive the letter of notice of preparation until October 10th which said that I didn't need to make anymore payments.  I got my final discharge paper on 11/5/12.  


What is your status on the 13datacenter?

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