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Re: Chapter 13 Final Payment

Hi Rhaeny,


I made my Sep and Oct payments with a money order, so no 30 day hold.  I checked on datacenter13 and my status is listed as S-NPOC*******.  I have talked to both my attorney and the trustee's office and they both say that I have to keep making my payments until I get my letter saying no more payments are required.   My final payment was sent out 1 Sep 12, but my Aug payment was made with a check, so the 30 day hold would have been 1 Oct 12.  Right now I have $1750 in my balance on hand.  Just not understanding the process if they aren't making payments to anyone anymore. 


I have not received a notice of preparation and Pacer doesn't have anything regarding a closing date.


thanks for the info!  Will have to learn some patience I guess.