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Company Credit card- AMEX

Question from the spouse:


I filed BK in 9/2009. I have since had a company credit card through American Express. I am an authorized user and make frequent purchases up to 7k and pay the balance monthly. Shouldn't this be building my credit? It did not show up on my TransUnion report.


Also, I have a few items on my report that are paid/charged off. Do I really have to wait for the "date to be removed" or is it worth sending in a letter requesting deletion sooner?


My credit score is 632. Do you think I should apply for a CC even if it carries a high interest rate? Or should I wait until these other items are removed (4/13-7/13)?


I currently have a small $6k car loan with a 22% interest rate at Wells Fargo JUST to build some credit. I was told I should have 3 lines of credit. My fiancee added me as a user to one of his longer standing credit cards. Hopefully that will help?



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