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Re: Bk friendly creditors

Hwndori, a few suggestions for you.  Try the shopping cart trick for express, victoria secrets, J Crew, Roamans or Buckle. All are soft pulls and you can get a positive tradeline reporting for you typically around 250. I'm not sure if you are post BK or not, but BOA is uber prime and I would stay away from primes for now. I would avoid apping unless you have a decent likelihood of getting approved. One way to do this is to know your fico scores for TU and EQ.  Use to research a lender you a considering and who they are most likely to pull. Also google "credit pulls database".


That being said, capital one and credit one are BK friendly and both have prequals with initial soft pulls but will will require a full hard pull if you are approved. CreditOne is horrible but a necessary evil and means to an end. Since you already have Capone, your have a few options left. In anycase, avoid apps unless you have a pretty solid idea what your chances are. 



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