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New with lots of questions
Hi all. I filed bk ch 7, no assets, on 11/2/12 and my 341 is on 12/4/12. I have many questions.

1. First, I tried to surrender an old car with a bad transmission and a balance of $1800, which I stopped paying awhile ago. The finance co originally said they would come get it, when they never did I called back and they told me it would cost them too much to take possession. So now we are at a stalemate. It's listed on my petition as retained instead of surrendered. Is that going to come back and bite me? My lawyer says it doesn't matter, but has not really told me why.

2. I did buy a used car last week. My plan is to pay two years worth within one year and then do a refi from this ridick interest rate.

3. How long should I wait before starting to apply for credit cards?

4. What can I expect at my 341 meeting? Will I have an opportunity to tell the judge about the surrendered car? Should I try? I dont really feel confident that my atty is advocating for me.

5. Where can I get an eq score? It doesn't seems to be available here. My tu is 527 and my ex is 565 as of today. My eq was 478 last week when I got the car, so that auto loan was a nice little boost.

Any other advice you feel like giving us welcome and greatly appreciated!

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