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Re: New with lots of questions

Welcome to the forum. If you have an attorney, I would not worry too much about the 341 meeting for CH7. Your attorney should let you know of any problems before the "meeting". It is literally a meeting where you state your name, SSN, etc. and you are asked if everything in your filing is correct and you are under oath. Nothing more, so I don't think you should explain yourself because you will not be before a judge.


The car situation is a little tricky. It looks like you have a replacement but I am not surprised that they are not coming to get the car with such a low balance. So you may have 2 cars. You just want to monitor how it is being reported on your credit report. From this point forward you don't want anymore negative reporting. So make sure they are not continuing to report late payments.


I would wait until after discharge to start applying for new credit. Always start with the Capital One Pre-Approval. They will Pre-Approve/or reject without a hard pull so it will not affect your credit score. If you are unable to be approved through Cap1 then you may have to look at Credit one or First Premier to start building but those come with fees but sometimes you have to start somewhere.


Follow the advice on these boards and your score will be back up.

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