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Re: Planning For Recovery

I always had the notion that Credit Unions where a better option for financing. I like USAA so far for everyday banking and they're super revolved around customer service. Not to mention I have an investment account with them generating a little over 10% APY on my savings, soooo hard to leave that.


I have been considering going down to Bellco Credit Union (I'm in Colorado) and opening just a small savings account with them to gain membership, only to have access to their financing department... Finance everything there while I'm recovering. If it takes a solid 6 months for the BK to discharge then I'm looking at an April 2013 DC date. So I have a bit of time before things become workable.


Apple CU seems to be a decent place to be as well. I'm not tied to Bellco, they just have a branch here and I hate to be tied to a bank that doesnt have a branch or the technological infastructure (apps?) to make up for the lack in location. Whats your experience with them on that front.


How did you find out about the qualification teirs available at Toyota? I'm wondering if there's a way to call and find out those deals, instead of just throwing it to chance. You got extremely lucky on that front, not meaning it can't be recreated, but would probably need to be researched before hand. What do you think?


All this information is great. Thanks so much.