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Re: DIfference in credit scores after BK 7

Thanks! I'm addicted to this site. I'm amazed at how much credit people are able to get after a bk7.  I have First Premier (300.00) and Merrick Bank (600.00). Not going to go on any sprees for a good minute.  These boards have clearly showed me that this is not the thing to do!!Smiley Surprised

Starting Score: 3/12 TU 533 Ex 458 EQ 519
Current Score: 12/12 TU 619 EX 556 EQ 601
Goal Score: 700
BK7 3/12 DIS 7/12 LAST HP 12/7
Last app 12/7/12 OFF TO THE GARDEN UNTIL 06/14!!!!
In wallet: Merrick Bank 600.00>NFCU sig rewards 500.00