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Re: Eek! Just got 1st SW IIB update!

Whenever you receive a credit alert, like a status change in an account, SW will grab your latest EQ FICO regardless of where your target score is set at. So, your FICO didn't change due to the update if your score is the same.


Rather than a +1 setting, I do recommend setting it to EXACTLY equal your latest EQ FICO. If your CR isn't changing, SW will default to providing a score alert as opposed to a credit alert. Your EQ FICO is monitored for changes every 7-10 days provided there are no credit alerts, and will only provide a score change if your current score hits or surpasses your target score. In other words, if you set your target score to +1, you'll get a score alert if your new score hit one point or more higher. However, what would happen if your score dropped? You wouldn't get a score alert if there wasn't a credit alert behind it. If you set it to exactly match your current EQ FICO, then you'll get alerted if your score increases or decreases. BTW, just don't set it to a lofty score of 800 like I did. Couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting any score alerts back in the day when my EQ FICO was in the 500s.