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going through divorce.. thinking of doing BK afterwards

To make a long story short I have about 40k in Student Loans (which Im assuming cant be in the BK) $45ish in ccard debt, and 2 mortgages (both have renters, one is under water.. my ex and I want to sell these)


So far nothing has been divided in court yet (our temp hearing is in two weeks) I am pretty sure I want to try and file BK7 after the divorce. Currently Im unemployed living on $800 of unemployment. My ex is giving me no money. He makes around $125k a year.  My score is around 530-600


Do you have any advice as to what I should be doing NOW?  what debt would be the best for me to take (assuming I will be going bankrupt when ths is all over) in the divorce?  I have no money to pay anything now.. but anything I should be doing or preparing?