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Re: HOW TO: From BK7 discharge to 700 in 24 months or less!

Can I ask at what point post BK you applied for your NFCU visa and NavCheck? Day of discharge I opened the secured card from NFCU to build a relationship with them, graduates in a year.. I am gardening until 10/2013 at which point I plan to app for a barclays (following your advice Smiley Happy ) Thank you so much for your help/advice!


edit: Im just worried as my TU score is so low and I know thats what they pull :/ Hopefully it will rise quick..

18 mo Post-Discharge, my EQ score at the time was 677, according to Score Watch.


I also had a Federal Tax Lien I was paying on at the time.  Both the Flagship and the NavCheck were put in "review" status and they called me to do recons.  For the card, I had to send them last 2 or 4 pay stubs, for the NavCheck I had to send stubs, tax returns and proof that I was paying the IRS.   Card took about 4 days, Navcheck took about 2 weeks.  Both approved @ $5K.




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