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Re: HOW TO: From BK7 discharge to 700 in 24 months or less!

SoulMaster wrote:

Oh, and they pulled TU for me to Join NFCU, EQ 2x for the credit (once for the card, once for navcheck).



Thank you so much for the information, it is much appreciated! I have faith now. hopefully they pull EQ for me then because its my higher score. They also pulled TU to open checking/savings and also for the secured card. How do you think my plan sounds? Waiting 12 months post discharge to app for apple barclays and 24 months for NFCU visa NavCheck combo? Once again, thank you and congrats to you and your journey!

Filed BK7: 7/2012 (start score EQ 560 / TU 529) Discharge 10/2012
720 EQ FICO 10/2015
724 TU FICO 10/2015
721 EX FICO 10/2015
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