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There is hope!
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Since my BK was discharged in July 2012, I decided to apply at NFCU.  The process was fairly simple and I received my member # right away.  I opened a checking and saving with only $5. My only question is was it a good decision to app for the rewards cards on the same day?? Not sure if I will get the card.  Think I read somewhere that they use TU which is good for me because it is my highest score right now at 619. Got a call later today stating I needed to provide id, ssc and proof of address. Is this standard or the beginning of a letdown?  :smileysad: Heading to the branch in the morning with info in tow.  Does anyone know what the starting limit can be on the reward visa card? Don't wanna get in too deep too soon..:smileyindifferent:

Starting Score: 3/12 TU 533 Ex 458 EQ 519
Current Score: 12/12 TU 619 EX 556 EQ 601
Goal Score: 700
BK7 3/12 DIS 7/12 LAST HP 12/7
Last app 12/7/12 OFF TO THE GARDEN UNTIL 06/14!!!!
In wallet: Merrick Bank 600.00>NFCU sig rewards 500.00