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Re: There is hope!
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Shols44, I currently have 2 line reporting post bk. Merrick Bank (600) and Firest Premier (300).  Both lines are 1-2% utilization only had em for a month or so.  I do, however, have a lot of inquiries maybe 5-6.  Hopefully I get approved, dont care about the CL for now Im nsure it will grow with time! Smiley Embarassed By reading the forums I can clearly see the generosity of the cu! They didn't offer the secured card upfront, but told me that they will counter-offer that if I'm not approved.  They called me last night requesting additional info for cc fraud prevention so we will see.  Not sure what that was all abt.  I took my info in this morning and signed the signature card.  They said they'll be in touch via email or phone.. They faxed my documents over.  We'll see what happens. Will update with any info.  If I'm not approved, I will garden for the next 6 mos...Smiley Indifferent

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