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Re: HOW TO: From BK7 discharge to 700 in 24 months or less! - UPDATE

Stupid mid-cyle reporting.


Ok, 686 is apparently the higest I can get my real EQ Fico in 24 mo after my BK (though I have several FAKOs over 700).  Glad I put the +/- 15pt Disclaimer in it.  Rather than reporting a 0 balance on all accounts and <9% on one card, I wound up with $500 on one and $630 on the other.  It's still <9%, but I'm sure I'm losing points for having more than one card report.  Oh well, 686 ain't too shabby considering ~2 years ago I was @ 470ish (pre-filing).


I don't care you you are or how you do it, dumping the debt is the fastest way to raise a score... whether you pay it all off, settle it, or BK it all away like I did.


Still gardening this thing higer. 700 can't be too far around the corner!



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