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Should he file for Chapter 7?
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Hey everyone I wanted to see if I could get some advice on my brother possibly filling for bankruptcy after some medical issues that have incurred some debt he cannot pay for right now.  


So while in college my older brother was affected with a mental illness that left him with some hospital expenses that were not covered by his insurance.  I'm not sure the number but it's enough that he cannot pay for them right now and his credit is shot.


He also incurred collections on a couple of credit cards while he wasn't being responsible which my parents have battled to pay back.  He has since finished college and is struggling to find a job (so he has some student loans), but I know that in the future if he wants to ever purchase a home, new car, or attain a decent credit card he won't be able to because of his poor credit.  


Now I do not know enough about bankruptcy, but I read through the FAQ on this board and it seems like Chapter 7 is his best bet when it comes to these debts, since he doesn't have any mortgage liens or auto liens that he needs to hold on to.  I would like him to have a clean slate to start with.  


My main question is will these medical expenses be gone, and in your opinion, is this the right option for him before deciding to see a lawyer about bankruptcy?


Thank you all for the help!

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