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Re: HOW TO: From BK7 discharge to 700 in 24 months or less!
I didnt use your method outlined, I took the path less traveled, making mistakes along the way.

I filed in 7/2011, discharged in 10/2011. Got the Capone secured card, paid $49 to get the $200 limit. I got this card days after my discharge, about 10 months later, the card got a CLI to $300, when I responded to a letter they sent me.

In this time, I app'd for about 5 cards, prime cards. CreditKarma had a ”credit card” selection tool, I listened to it. I was rejected by Discover, BOA, Chase, Citi, & Barclays. Dejected, I app'd for the Capone rewards card, approved for $2500. I got the card, but I have a ton of inquries. 7 mos of using the Capone rewards card, I reapp'd for a barclays card, the NFL extra points card, approved for $500.

My score right now is 680, I figured id groom these cards for six months and go for a Discover around then. Good idea?